Closed and Private Environment

Closed and Private Environment

- Grant access only to your institution's personnel, authorized guests, and partners
- Keep a permanent archive of your institution's knowledge and clinical experience
- Gain access to activity logs and system events to better understand your organization needs

InsightMedi for Institutions is a novel cloud-based platform for healthcare providers to share, in a secure space, patient cases for discussion and exchange of critical information.

InsightMedi for Institutions brings the advantages of cutting-edge social platforms to the healthcare ecosystem, focused on providing a secure environment where healthcare professionals, school faculty, and students can discuss clinical cases regardless of their level of expertise, geographical location, or device of choice.

InsightMedi in the iPad Pro

InsightMedi for Institutions has the potential to expand its reach and make a positive impact on the healthcare education system, by allowing the faculty’s clinical experience to be stored, automatically processed, and securely shared among a vast group of professionals.

With the promise of improved communication among faculty, secured sharing capabilities for online consultation, and a SaaS distribution model for fast expansion, InsightMedi will make its way into the practitioners’ workflow while helping reduce consultation costs, reaching faster and more accurate diagnosis, removing geographical limitations, and ultimately improving the quality of care.