Customizable to Meet Your Brand's Identity

Customizable to Match Your Brand

- Deploy a system that meets your brand's identity and feels like one of the family from the start
- Customize features and behavior of the platform to cover all your organization's needs*

InsightMedi for Institutions has been designed with brand customization in mind. From the get go, deploy a system that meets all your organization's brand and corporate identity with minimum effort. As part of our deployment process, the InsightMedi team helps you match the platform's UI to the look and feel your organization members are used to and love.

InsightMedi for Temple Dentistry

Featured Story

Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry promotes health through the education of diverse general and specialty dentists; provides comprehensive, patient-centered, evidence-based and outcome-driven oral health care; and, engages in research, scholarly activities and community service.

Our teams have worked together to deliver a fantastic implementation focused on Dentistry called InsightDenti. This tool not only offers Temple’s user base the possibility to share and interact around clinical cases on a secure environment, but it also adapts its content to what the School’s community is engaging around at a given time. Thanks to its very own trending algorithm, InsightDenti provides easy access to top cases that are being heavily discussed in the platform, with real-time updates on the cases feed. Faculty and students are served with the most relevant content from a “live” stream, that works behind the curtains to guarantee that the most valuable information is pushed in front of as many people as possible.

InsightMedi at Temple University

InsightMedi’s role in the development of InsightDenti has been to make sure the School could extend this approach in education to a fully interactive online environment, by providing flexibility to the body of faculty and students, while at the same time taking advantage of its expertise in creating a robust, compliant platform for social interaction in healthcare.

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Temple University, to align the focus of our mission to the one of the School of Dentistry, and to create a new partnership that will help us contribute to moving the field forward.

*Development of new features may bare additional costs.