Global image-sharing network for healthcare professionals


Patient's privacy is at the foundation of the project.

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A bit about us
The GLOBAL image-sharing Network for Healthcare Professionals

The powerful mobile camera of today's devices makes it easy to capture great-quality images with a high level of details.


Improve your images with our professional editing tools (powered by Aviary) and live filters in real-time before uploading.


Classify by specialty, system, and anatomic region with additional associated meta data (#hashtags and @user mentions).


Share your experience and knowledge, through images and clinical discussions, in a global professional environment.

"This app is amazing! Really easy to connect with providers, view images, like/comment/converse with providers from across the world!!!"

— Dave Kittle, Physical Therapist

"Congratulations! Highly recommended App to stay up to date through other professionals experience. Sharing we all win!."

"Finally, a serious image application for healthcare professionals. Very well designed and made, very useful and I expect it will be soon a standard in image communication between colleagues. Highly recommended."

— Ignacio Garcia, MD
Who we are

A team focused on giving healthcare providers the power to share their experience and knowledge through images and clinical discussions, in a global professional environment. We aim to provide better tools and faster distribution channels to promote medical knowledge among every member of the healthcare community.

We bring you a mobile, community-driven platform called InsightMedi, that empowers healthcare providers anywhere in the world to share their relevant content, interact with other members of the community, follow key profiles, fetch interesting content, and participate as an active member of the quality-assuring process.

Our team
Gonzalo Mora

Medical Advisor, MD, PhD


Gabriel Pizá

Medical Advisor, MD, PhD


Jordan R. Lynn

Operations & Marketing Manager


Luis Rodrigues

CTO, Software Engineer


Abder-Rahman Ali

Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Medical Image Analysis

Juan González

CEO, Software Engineer


All we offer is commitment
Capture your Medical Imaging Anywhere

Capture medical images on any mobile device, anywhere. InsightMedi's been built for the iPhone and soon it'd be available on Android phones. The powerful mobile camera of today's devices makes it easy to capture great-quality images with a high level of details that can definitely tell a story.

Sharing is Fast, Simple, & Secure

InsightMedi is a fast and easy way to share medical imaging with the Healthcare Community. In seconds, you can upload images stored on your device or directly from the camera, and share it with a few taps of your finger. The InsightMedi system automatically checks out protected health information (PHI). Every upload image will be analyzed to make sure it complies with rules and regulations, and our team will make sure to examine and approve it as soon as possible. Once your images are approved the community will be able to view and interact with them from anywhere in the world.

We take Privacy Seriously

Sharing medical images can be cause for concern. InsightMedi is HIPAA compliant. We offer free professional editing tools let you stripping PHI (Protected Health Information) out of medical imaging before upload. Also, every upload image is analyzed to make sure it complies with rules and regulations. Finally, all data is stored in HIPAA compliant data centers to ensure the safety and security of your data.

Other features
W Register directly from your device and create a free account on InsightMedi.
W View a complete listing of all available medical images and videos.
W Find images by specialty, system, and anatomic region.
W Securely share them with your peers from within the app.
W Search for any image set by associated meta data (#hashtag and @user)
W Subscribe to InsightMedi Premium to explore a wide library of real cases on HQ video.
W Use advanced gestures such as zoom, pan, and rotation of images through the multipoint touch screen interface.
W Securely upload images stored on your device or directly from the camera.
W Share your findings while safeguarding patient privacy.
W Join in discussion with other healthcare professionals in a global professional environment.
W Search for like-minded professionals and make great contacts.
W InsightMedi provides a translation feature for image descriptions and comments to remove language limitations.
W All data transfers are encrypted and secured via SSL.
Discover InsightMedi Premium
600+ HIPAA-compliance, high-quality, clinical videos
100% HIPAA-Compliant Clinical Videos

InsightMedi videos, powered by ReelDx, are fully consented and HIPAA regulations are rigorously followed. We offer a continuously growing library of over 600+ videos. Ultrasound, imaging, and lab data covering 1000+ topics. Captured by Providers in the ER, exam room, ambulance, and developing world. Peer-reviewed, editorial comments guide teaching & probe for critical thinking.

Medical Education with Real Patient Video

Video is the most powerful form of communication we have. It is concise, engaging, efficient, and available to everyone. Improve learner attention, retention, and performance. Real patients are the most powerful teachers in medical education. Easily accessible, real, peer-reviewed, medical video education by practicing doctors, nurses & paramedics. All great content provided by ReelDx Education.

Get it today for just $4.99/month*

Download InsightMedi for iOS or Android today and start enjoying the revolution of clinical video right at your fingertips. InsightMedi will continue to be the reference platform for sharing medical images, while providing new services aimed to improve the way healthcare professionals learn, teach, and communicate.

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Discover Premium
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